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Healthy Lunchbox ideas - A Guest Post

You know its morning, when the mind is sleeping and the eyes are struggling to stay awake. When there's no desire stronger than getting under the cosy duvet, and shutting the world for few extra minutes. Alas, that would not be so, since its the school time for the kiddo. So wake up 'mumma' and pack a healthy, tasty lunchbox for your dearest. 

If you are still enjoying a life without kids, then please skip the post, as you hit the snooze button for the nth time. But if not, then I'm sure you got hooked by the title of the post itself. Like a sponge, every mom tries to get as much info on what to feed their picky eater. How to get some healthy and nutritious food into the little tummies. And yes it got to be quick too, since we are talking about lunchboxes, which gets packed in the wee hours of the morning...and not some lavish brunches, made for the weekend.
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Travel Diaries - Sri Lanka Part 1

View of Kandy from the hotel

A fast life has the unique ability to tire you out. The routine of the life ruled by the arms of the clock, and governed by the demands of mood swinging kids, can kick boredom in your face. So much so, that you want to just need to move out of your air conditioned surroundings and plush interiors to be in real city, where fresh air is the norm and not the synthetic one. Where you are not judged by your clothes, but your smile. Rather not judged at all. Aah what a dream!

Yes every few months, we human beings too need to visit the "service centre" to 'recharge' ourselves. And for me this break was oveeeer - due, since the last I heard this sacred word was even before my 2nd pregnancy. And in 10 days, the baby is going to be two...so you can do the calculations!!
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Home Bakers Challenge - Umm Ali

Hopping from one home baker's challenge to another. Wow! I'm on a roll. Rather not. It simply means another month passed where the multi tasking mum had to keep her creative indulgences at bay, while the toddler and the school goer took over. 

The tiny baby has entered the troublesome twosome phase even before she hits her two. Yes and also has taken to a routine, which doesn't suit anyone, especially not me. And that's by dropping her daytime naps. Yes that very prized hour or two of peace and solace that I look forward to even before the day begins. She's hyper actively living on 10 hours of sleep at night and doesn't feel any need to rest all through the day. Yes we sing rhymes, we color (the walls more than the papers), we go for walks, we watch 'Peppa Pig', we pretend to play, while creating a mess, we eat something yummy (everything going inside the mouth is yummy, even water and bread).....and then we get exhausted. Ohh did I forget to mention, that mama tries to finish the endless chores in between..yes just tries to. 

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Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

I had been procrastinating getting back to blogging, for quite some time. Yes sometimes the meaning of "out of touch" hits you literally. I knew I wanted to be back in my own space of creations, but the break had been long. The only attraction that could bring back my motivation, was sitting right there in my kitchen. My oven!!

Yes baking had always been a magical world for me. The perfect combination of science and art, love and taste, fear and fun. A simple combination of butter, flour and eggs can create such an array of tempting creations, that it surely leaves one spellbound. The excitement of the outcome, the aroma of freshly baked goodies and the delight of seeing the perfect crumb, it surely tickles all the senses, not just the tastebuds. This magic never fails to uplift my mood, to divert me from the stress that comes along with the journey of life and yes it surely is an indulgence, that I love to dive in.
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Fussy Eater: A universal truth

The dreaded two words. The spoiler of being a parent. The antithesis of being a good cook. Yes having a fussy eater or picky child in a house can be quite a challenge. When all your fancy labor of love, served on the plate is unceremoniously rejected, it surely hits hard. Not just you ego (which goes for a deep sleep, anyways), but also hurts the caring mother who wants to feed the child some wholesome home made meal. And trying so hard to win this battle vs a packet of french fries, served in red and white box. So while gastronomic indulgence will always hold its pride of place, yet finding a healthy and tasty way to feed a child is the challenge of the hour. But then the road to parenting, is full of such battles. So bring it on...

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Revisiting childhood - Indian style macroni and Wheat halwa

Memories are like a maze, like a treasure chest...once you get in, you don't know where it leads to. Which nook and corner of your life you end up revisiting. You might some emotions that were lying dormant for so long. Or start thinking about someone you thought you had long forgotten. Yes its a fun ride.
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Finding the Rhythm with refreshing Aam Panna

By no stretch of imagination, can I call myself musically gifted. I might not even be differentiate between jazz and country music. But I've learnt to notice the music in everyday life. Rather the rhythm of life.

The highs and the low notes, that the life throws on us. the sweet melodies that a child's laughter or even cries sounds like to a doting mom. The pleasing sounds of the birds, the ripples in the lake, the chaos of the traffic, there's a sound, music in everything. Even the quietness of the night is interspersed with some traffic sound far away, or screeching of the door. And if too quiet, then you might even hear and get tuned to the rhythm of your breathing.

I suppose I had just fallen of this rhythm for a long, long time. For those who are wondering what I'm talking about...well I'm posting after almost 1.5 years. So yes there must be have been something which kept me away. Well I became a mother for the second time, almost 2 years ago. And no it wasn't easy, with my husband perpetually travelling the whole of last year and me taking care single handedly both the kids. Hats off to those who do it all!! Plus throw in lots of sickness, one that leaves you with a throat that can get infected even at the sight of most things...well then cooking is surely not the priority. And if that wasn't enough a bad accident of my dad back home, set me completely mentally off. So yes I was away because my heart and head was away - away from cooking and blogging. Trying to give my kids a warm, nurturing environment to my best of abilities.
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Some days can only be celebrated with chocolate - Chocolate Fudge cake with ganache

“If there's no chocolate in Heaven, I'm not going.” 

I'm sure a world without chocolate is no fun, its a world where fairy tales are not read, where Santa Claus doesn't visit, its a world where raindrops are not welcome...so its a not a world where I want to be. After all a life without chocolate would be so sweet less...so blah! And yes while we all need some spice in life, its a alice of a yummy chocolate cake that we celebrate life with!

Though I'm a chocoholic in capital letter, yet I don't really have a sweet tooth. Quite an oxymoron, right? Strange but true..in fact its my son, who's inherited the sweet tooth. And I'm forever fighting hard to make him switch to the savory side. But then only if parenthood was that easy...sigh. In fact, he would have his way he would eat through his life with a jar of nutella...which surely is not what any mommy wants.

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What's in your picnic basket - Egg Mustard Mayo Wrap

As I try to type this, I draw a blank...after all before I even get to wish you guys "Happy New Year", we are already 3 days into it. Is time flying so past or am I living in some trance..Yes last I remember sharing with you all about the arrival of my baby gal. And now in another week she would be all of six months. Time surely flies!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR - "Go ahead and make it memorable and tasty"

In this last few months, I'm guilty of disappearing more than I met you all over here. Guilty of not sharing some tasty treats with you all, of not wishing you on the festive occasions, of not visiting your blogs and of so much more. But then I trust you all to understand the life of a mom of a newborn. Add a hyper kid in the picture and you have the perfect recipe of a forever busy mom....lol

A time when you learn the value of unhindered sleep, a time when you learn what a quick shower or power nap really means. A time when you really get to know the word multitasking, a time when you eat while feeding the baby or watch movies with 100 breaks....I can simply go on and on...but then it all becomes so trivial when you see a face so innocent, a smile so precious and an expression so priceless..that you just want the time to stand still...alas life betrays and that moment goes and your baby grows. So I'm trying to live every moment of my baby's life to the fullest...

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